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Did Jesus really spend time with the Druids in England, and Yogis or Buddhists in India? Where else may he have travelled to and what did he learn? Thanks!

Did Jesus really spend time with the Druids in England, and Yogis or Buddhists in India? Where else may he have travelled to and what did he learn? Thanks!

7:47 PM - Hmm..I am seeing him on horseback, and he is accompanied by a small group of men, it looks like two possibly three, but two people for sure.  I am zooming out on a map and I am seeing what looks like a dotted line, one of those lines is taking me to the Northwestern part of Europe.  Then it is taking me to the Central part of Europe.  Now it is going to the Southwestern part of Europe toward Spain.  Now the line is heading eastward along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and it is following that same path along the coast, then it heading around the area of Greece.  It is then pivoting and heading east towards India through Turkey / Iran / Pakistan..  Then from there it heads back to it's origination which I believe is around to Iran / Iraq area, but I do not feel the Israel area, I know that does not jive, but I do not see Israel. I will have to confirm that on a map.
Q-Did he spend time with the Druids
A-I do not see him crossing any bodies of water, so if he did meet with them it would have had to been done during his visit to Northwestern Europe.
Q-druid was a member of the priestly class in Britain, Ireland, and Gaul (France) according to Wikipedia
A-Having knowledge of that definition yes he did meet with those individual throughout Europe.
Q-What did he learn from them?
A-When I see Jesus, listening to the priest talk, but in viewing their interaction it seem more about Jesus trying to pass knowledge to the priests, rather than him obtaining information from them.
Q-So Jesus was the teacher?
Q-Was the Druid belief system influenced by Jesus?
A-I am seeing a priest place some kind of necklace around Jesus's head, so it appears to be he is appreciated and respected.
Q-Did Jesus visit the Yogis and Buddhists in India?
A-I can see on my image of a map, that he did make it that far, however they did not seem as receptive to his knowledge as the Europeans were.  I can see and interaction between Jesus and what I think is a Buddhist, and it looks polite and respectful, but I can see a kind gesture from the Buddhist with his hand in a kind way of saying "It is time to leave now".
Q-Was Jesus a normal human, or a godlike deity?
A-I see him with a bright glow around his head, and it almost looks like a light beam that shoots up into the sky, so my impression is that he was a normal guy, but he was highly spiritually evolved.
Q-Did his teaching evolve the way he intended?
A-I keep hearing the phrase "Look Inward".  and the impression I am getting is that Jesus wanted you to have faith but be accountable for yourself and look to your inner self for the answers.  Churches and places to worship are there to keep you grounded and serve as a symbol for you to have you OWN faith and to look INWARD.  They are not there to solve your problems and you be at their mercy.  So in the beginning the intent was good, but rather than people becoming more self reliant, they almost relinquished their own ability to look inward and solve their own problems, and put that responsibility on the church and their religion and that was NEVER intended.
Q-Do you see Jesus returning?
A-Do you mean to walk the earth again?
Q-In the Christian sense to come and I guess rapture and all that.
A-Not to upset religious people, but I do not see that.
Q-Was he really crucified?
A-I am getting a vivid image of his crucifiction so yes I think he was.
Q-Has he ever reincarnated into human form since?
A-I do not see it, I do not think so.
Q-Is there any message you may have from Jesus to us?
A-Hmm...The only thing I heard was to look within yourself.  And to be honest I am not a religious person, but trying to focus on Jesus does creep me out.  I feel a little intimidated by it.  
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Knightowl said...

Regarding Jesus being crucified, a remote viewer working with Courtney Brown said that Jesus was not crucified but that someone else was crucified in his place. That is also what the Quran says. Adam and Eve? Another remote viewer saw Eve being split off from Adam. No mention of Greys being involved.

Anonymous said...

This is entertaining but I notice a pattern of errors in almost all reading that have some to pass.

It is strange that you talk about reincarnation but Christ didn't despite being someone highly spiritually evolved. Since you are spiritually awake what will your reward be?

So if Christ has such a glow more than you to be intimidated, why would someone that is so "highly spiritually evolved" as you state with such foresight be so wrong to entrust his Apostles,and the Apostolic Succession? Or lie in what he says knowing people like you will be around?

You are not the only one to predict and others have the same and abilities to see ahead and heal and Christians.

If it was mainly to look at ones self it would be been emphasized.

Who wrote and put together the New Testament? Its not the Protestants or Catholics. Christ did not come to make the New Testament.

But the true Christian Church is against religion and it's job it to wake people up.

Well something to think about.

Faith M. Lee said...

This book - Thiaoouba Prophecy - plainly states that Jesus is an alien from the planet from Thiaoouba. There are 2 Jesus; one who did not possess supernatural power is buried in Japan, Shingo village, Aomori Prefecture. The one who could perform miracles is an alien from Thiaoouba.

The book is free for download online. This is a real-life story happening 27 years ago.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ 2:27/Faith: Thank you for sharing this. I find this very interesting. -Lynn