Monday, August 13, 2012

Can you tell me any reason why the moon would appear to be engulfed in blue flame?

11:16 AM - Well I am getting an image of the moon and I see kind of weird fumes coming off of it.  Like there is some kind of gas...I has something to do also with the sun.  Like whatever gas is being emitted or is surrounding the moon it looks like the rays of the sun hitting the moon.  It is like heating the moon more.  Just as the earth is getting hotter, it looks like the moon is getting hotter too.   I am hearing the word "Sulphur" and "Methane" , so I think whatever gas is hovering around the surface of the moon is some kind of derivative of those two gases.  I am also seeing some kind of excavation or mining process on the moon.  Which goes back to my earlier posts, my impression is that that excavation is also creating some of this gaseous-ness hovering around the moon.  And now that I am a little more focused, It might not necessarily be a gas as in vapors, but it could be a dustiness of it too, but containing some sulphur / methane.  I am not really seeing anymore unless you have questions.
Q-Does this gas / dust make the moon appear blue?
A-I think during certain moon phases, it will appear to have a blue tint, because we will see the moon under different reflectiveness of the sun.
Q-Will we see this blue moon in future?
A-Yes and I think it will be even more intense?
Q-Is it a sign of something else to come, or just a spectacle?
A-It looks like in just seeing the sun shining off of these particles near the surface of the moon, that it is more of a sign that we are experiencing earth changes AND changes on the moon.  The blueness itself seems more like a phenomenon than any kind of danger or something to worry about.
Q-When will we see this blue moon?
A-I see the leaves off the trees, and outside it feel like late fall or early winter.  The moon looks full so it must be on a full moon as well.
Q-Is there anything else and how do you feel about this reading?
A-I do not have anything else, and I felt good, it all flowed pretty good. 
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