Monday, August 20, 2012

Can you tell about the legendary island of Hy-Brasil in the Irish waters? Is it still there or does it still appear in this dimension? Thank you

8:42 PM- I see and Island and I see a brontosaurus dinosaur on it and it is eating leaves from what looks like a palm tree.  It looks sunny and warm, in the distance I see mountains, that look snow capped but only on the higher elevations.  Also in the foreground I see a lot of grass with thin green blades.  I am now seeing the ground kind of shake.  It was an unexpected shaking because the animals are surprised and they did not even have their animal instincts to run.  I am seeing a fireball come from the sky that looks like a comet.   My impression is that it hit earth which then caused the rumbling earthquake.  The result was flooding over this land.  My impression is that it is in the ocean, covered with water but still is semi shallow water above it.  At most like 25 feet below the surface.  I also get the impression that the mountain chain that I saw with the snow, some of the tall mountains slightly peak above the water creating little tiny islands, but the majority of this land is submerged.  I am also getting and image of stone caves, I am asking and it is showing me these caves on this island.  You want to ask me questions now?
Q-Do you see any people?
A-My first impression when I saw the caves was that people lived in them.  However, when I focused on it further, I could not see people, I could not make sense of people being their with dinosaurs.
Q-How many years ago did this asteroid hit?
A-I am seeing 12,000 BC.  I will say I also got the number 32,000 BC but my impression is that another earth event happened then as well.
Q-Does this island appear in this or other dimensions?
A-I feel it is in this dimension, the only visible part of it are some scattered islands created from the mountain range, but the rest of it is under water.
Q-In reference to an alternate time, similar to where you did a previous reading on the Bermuda triangle.  Does this island possibly still exist and can be accidentally accessed from this world?
A-I will say it is becoming clearer to me, on one path / timeline, I see dinosaurs inhabiting this island, a comet or whatever came down and submerged the island.  I think on another life plane on a different reality, there is like an Indian tribe that lived in like these stone caves.  I am seeing images referencing both, but they do not match, and I am thinking it is because they are on two different timelines.
Q-Which timeline are we on, Dinosaurs or Indians?
A-I think we are on the dinosaur one because I see it submerged present day.
Q-Could you find the area on Google Earth.
A-Yes I think I can...  I think it is more on the north western part.  I thought I would a see a defined Mt. Range but I do not.
Q-Is there anything else?   A-NO  
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Anonymous said...

i think it could be 'activated' to surface(or reappear) using a lock mechanism made from a stone-like key. I think this lock & key when used would activate the sophisticated magnetised working which would bring the land to surface. Perhaps a lack of maintenance of this feature is why it is not seen nowadays

Anonymous said...

That yellow circle is in the wrong place! Move it left by one whole diameter and its there. Its those two big lumps on the sea bed. They resemble the islands on the old maps, however, drawn the wrong size.
When you compare you will see the distinct diagonal - north to south gap in between the two islands.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@sable: Thanks for looking at this and I appreciate your feedback. I may need to revisit this reading.

Love and light,