Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Can you shed any light on the persistent rumors of an alien invasion at the Olympics? Who or what is behind this, and what agenda? Thank you.

The first image that I am getting is Men in Black the movie, so if they are there they are going to blend in.  I do not want to come off offensive because I do not know who is going read this, like I am embarrassed to even tell you what I heard...You really want to hear it?  because I don't know who is going to read this.  I am seeing a will smith character viewing people doing track and pole vaulting, and in his mind this is what he said, NOT what I said, what he said.."Is this what these idiots do with their free time?"  It seems like they are their to get a sampling of what we call the best of the best.  I do not see it as any kind of invasion, it appears that they are gathering information just to learn about the human race and their capabilities.....I do not feel any harm, I do not feel like they are going to even let their presence be known....It is like they are watching us, I see them watching us, and they are not being cruel about it, but the impression that I get is that they are less than impressed, they are not that aw struck by it..I will say I do have an image of a space ships like circular saucers in the sky.  I um, see people actually sighting them, taking pictures maybe with their phones, but everything that is seen reported or debunked and they are going blow it off as they are blimps, advertising stuff.  When I say how are they going to explain, I see a picture of blimp, and then I see an airplane with a big long flappy banner on it.  They are going to say it is all this other bullshit stuff, but they know the truth...I see people that I feel "know the truth" and they are sweating bullets, and they are agitated acting like I pray to god they do not make some undeniable presence known.  In this specific group of aliens that I see, um, Dark Eyes, really smooth skin, tall, 6-7 feet, kinda greenish in color, and they have three fingers and no thumb like in another reading, but the feature I am really seeing is their legs, which is odd to me about it, is from their knee caps down, they way that they bend id opposite of how you would think a knee would bend.  Um..Now I am seeing people in a red hot air balloon, and these people they are white american looking get a great fucking view of what is going on, and they get some great documentation.  So great that I think it gets confiscated.  I think there is four of them total, one is driving the burner on the balloon.  I addition to the burner guy there are two other men and one woman.
Q-Why are they here?
A-I actually see an alien that I would describe wearing a lab coat, it is like he is observing it,  It is like these are the cream of the crop lets see what they got, as a measure of what potential we have physically.
Q-Are the interested only in our bodies?
A-This assessment yes.
Q-Why, what is their agenda with us.
A-My impression is that they are almost a little bit of a protector of us, they just a, the phrase that comes to mind is a mother hen,  they do not want to interfere just monitor.
Q-Are they interbreeding with humans?
A-No I do not think so, I feel like they are a parent.
Q-Why do they not just land and talk to us?
A-When you say that, all I can see is them sitting up in their ships and monitoring us, my impression is that they do not want us to have their influence, they want to see what we do on our own.
Q-Why do they have a vested interest in us?
A-I do not know why, but I keep going back to that parent impression, I feel like they are watching us like a parent does a kid, and if we were to fall on our face, they would pick us up, but they want us to get to that critical point because they want us to learn and evolve on our own.
Q-Have they had direct or indirect contacted other humans?
A-OK, I would say yes to both, but only to individuals who have that heightened spiritual awareness.
Q-Do they know of Ra, spelled RA?
A-The image that I see, and I have no idea what this is, is a golden glowing tablet, and it several images of people are standing around it, with their hands up in the air like they are praising it.  It had a glow around it like it was magical.  I do not know if it is a place or a person but I got a golden tablet.
Q-Can you describe their communication between themselves.
A-It is mostly through thought..but I do see a small verbal communication, but it kinda sounds like gibberish. I cannot distinguish when they know when to use their mental vs verbal.. Actually I can, because I saw one specifically their mouth going oh, and the other going um.  Expressions are done with the mouth, more like body language, the other is mental.
Q-How do they breed?
A-I cannot specifically tell, but I will say that is not like our human, have sex and they baby, it is more scientific than that.  I feel like they view us more like animals and their breeding is done in a lab.
Q-Are they emotion beings? Love, fear, anger?
A-I feel NO, like they are very scientifically oriented.  Like they view emotions as a sign of weakness.
Q-Then why do they care for us?
A-I think we are their scientific project, and they want their project to succeed.
Q-Where are they from?
A-I got an image of a planet, and all I can see is this bright white planet, at first I thought it was a moon, but it is a planet.  I just know that it is.  It is past Saturn though, because I see Saturn and it's rings.  It is like showing me Saturn as a reference point and it is past that.
Q-Is it in our solar system?
A-Yes I think so, because it is past Saturn
Q-Is it a planet we know of?
A-Yes, I believe so.
Q-Why have we not detected them?
A-We probably have.
Q-Does our government know or interact with them?
A-My impression is yes, they know about them, and no we do not interact with them because we are intimidated by them.
Q-Have we every captured any of them?
A-My impression is yes and I feel like.. Like yeah we did it, and we got one over on them, but they are pissed off that we have it, it being one of them.  It is dead though it died.  And I keep going back to that parent child thing, because even with like the intimidation thing, we have this big presence hanging over us like a cowardice child.  Like we are completely intimidated by them.  And like in having one we are like, aah ha, we got one over on them, but then they like a parent are pissed that at us.
Q-Have they interfered with past civilizations?
A-Mmm...I am not getting anything clear on that.
Q-Do they know of other alien races?
A-My impression is that they do, and they are trying their hardest to keep them from interfering with us too.
Q-Can you physically describe one of these other races?
A-Hmm, I got the picture of the crab off of sponge bog, the crusty crab.  I think my brain is getting tired.
Q-Is there anything else they would want us to know?
A-No I do not think so, I am not getting anything.

Update 8-16-2012 10:17 PM
Someone pointed out this link on youtube which shows and object in background

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