Thursday, August 9, 2012

Any thoughts on me or my future? Will my health issues resolve? What might those issues be? Im gifted with some abilities also and am using them in regards to my health. I had a vision back when i was a teenager that showed me the city of Cleveland, about two hours away, could you tell me what comes to mind when you think of Cleveland? bgardian, pgh pa, 12/10/64

10:35 PM - I was focusing on those initials (pgh) It did not come through super strong, but I got a really tight feeling in my chest.  My heart started to beat really fast and I did get a pinching in the middle of my back as well.  I felt mostly that it probably was something related to her heart, but possibly it is anxiety or even something pinched in her back.
Q-Will those health issues resolve?
A-Yes, and what I see her doing is yoga stretching, so what I feel she needs to do is incorporate yoga into her routine and I think she will notice a big difference in her health for the better.
Q-Any thoughts on her future?
A-As a side note I will just take you through what I am seeing:  I see an owl on a tree branch and it is in the middle of the night, the moon is out, and she is laying in bed and she is restless, I think she's had trouble sleeping, I think lately when she has been going to sleep she has been having dreams.  I think they may be hard to remember but she has been thinking about them a lot lately.  I think at night when she is laying in bed she might even be hearing it making it noise, hooting and stuff.   I am not getting a sense of having a spouse around, but I think she may have a lot of friends that make her laugh, I see her standing with a bunch of friends laughing.  I think she has a dog with long floppy hair.  I also get the impression that she is considering going through a big change in her life.  I am like 75% sure it has to do with her career.  If I am wrong, the other 25% is family or personal life stuff.  I feel like this change will be good if she does it, it is going to rejuvenate her and uplift her spirits.  Oh, that is weird now I am flipping back to relationship, I am seeing her hold hands with someone, and it feel endearing, like just a friendship, like she is reconnecting with someone or meeting someone new, so I think there is good chance with her, not only having something with her work going on, but some personal too.  I also feel like I see a beach vacation in her future.  I feel like it will be later in the fall.  I see her walking on the beach and she is wearing Capri pants and a long sleeve shirt, not a bathing suit.
Q-What make you think she is a female.
A-To be honest that is just my impression, it feels like female energy to me.
Q-She had a vision of Cleveland, and wants to know what come to mind when you think about it.  I am not sure if she means in regards to her vision or just in general.
A-When I think of Cleveland, the first thing I got was a four leaf clover, and then I saw some kind of weird Celtic knot, the four leaf clover to me means good luck and fortune, but the Celtic knot has no significance to me, but maybe to her.
And the last oddball thing that I got was an image of Betty White, off the Golden Girls, and I have no idea what that would mean to her either.  My overall impression was a good positive feeling.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for responding. You seemed to hit the nail on the head with a lot of the issues im dealing with. The chest tightness you picked up on is the stage 4 lung cancer and I am saddled with at this time. The back issue is a ruptured disc ive had for years, and currently the chemo is preventing me from doing my yoga :) im confident both of these health issues will resolve as the cancer in my brain, (hence the stage 4) actually got smaller before the radiation treatment. I told it to get smaller. You can do this also, providing you know what is wrong and where. The lung cancer has resolved also and i am currently getting maintenance chemo. From 9 months left to live to cancer free :D tell your husband to stop smoking.
Yes i have had some trouble sleeping lately and have had a ton of dreams. The owl is interesting and i will have to research that and meditate on it. I believe the owl has connections to Athena but im not sure.
I'm a married father of three kids. Lol :P i think the feminine energy you picked up on is emotional energy that i use daily. Empathy is the key to internal energy. Also each of us have a ying and a yang aspect. Lol i have been called a witch by some born agains so maybe they were more perceptive than i gave them credit for.
My wife and i are not that close so i believe that's why you didnt see a spouse. She has been very supportive through this whole cancer journey and i am trying to open up to her. My cousin has invited us down to the outer banks in sept but i dont think i will be wearing capris lol.
The big change im contemplating in my life is a change on how i eat and how i need to take care of my body. General health and well being. I never really speak to anyone, wife included, about my abilities as when i have i was met with that look like wow you are really strange, and "you dont really believe that crap do you?" Well after 43 years of it yes i do believe and am at the point that i dont care if people believe me or not. So that's the other change I'm contemplating.
Cleveland was in ruins, sunk into the earth about 40 feet or so. And i have no idea what Betty White means. :)
Thanks again, good job, and cultivate the ability to see that which is unseen.
oh and pgh is the abbreviation for Pittsburgh Pa

Psychic Focus said...

I feel like my empath skills or more strong because I am almost always spot on with health. Sorry about the male female confusion, also I was focusing the PGH as you initials my mistake. Continue your positive way of thinking and this will help with you cancer. I also am still annoymous with my abilities so I can relate to you. I am only known by my husband, close friends, and my online presence. He is trying to open me up to family and others. This blog and your comments are encouraging.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize! Keep up the good work! If you have them, encourage your children to experiment with their "juke". I tend to think kids are naturals and are shamed out of it when young by adults and other kids. My grandmother was gifted as well as her daughter my mother. They didn't encourage it like I have with my kids. Well as much as I could encourage without my wife laughing at us and shakkng her head.
Take care