Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 have been a trying year for me. Do you see a turnaround in my life soon? Much thx! Achsah Nov 15, 1980, Long Island NY

9:57 PM - I keep seeing a ton of red with her.  Sometimes red when I see it mean anger, but I her case I feel like it has to do with her love life.  And I just saw this scenario play out:  I feel like she is really frustrated in her relationship or someone she is interested in.  I feel like she has a lot of love to give but it not being reciprocated.  She is kind of up in the air as what to do.  But I can see her sitting in what looks like a coffee shop, and she meets a guy, and he is wearing business suit carrying a briefcase.  He has thick dark wavy hair, he looks to be in his mid to late 30s.  And I feel almost like his is the answer to what she is looking for.  I think she will talk to this guy, she will have a connection with him, and she will either pursue a relationship with this guy she met, and if she does not in talking with him, it will make her have a reevaluation and renewed appreciation for her current situation.  Sometimes you have to re-fall in love with who you are with, if that makes sense.  Alright I am going to just give you some weird random things that might be a message for her:  One a picture of a heath candy bar.  Second: white tennis shoes, Third:  A woman contemplating getting a new haircut or hairstyle. (She was really happy with her new hairstyle so maybe this is what she contemplating).
Q-Why do this person is a woman?
A-I guess I just kept seeing a picture of a woman.  But I have done reading of a man who has a ton of female energy around them and I can get them confused.
A-75% Woman
Q-Does she choose the path of happiness?
A-Yes, in the end the woman with the hairdo was very happy.
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