Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 has been a trying year for me. Do you see a turnaround in my life soon? Achsah Nov 15, 1980

8:17 PM -The only image I am getting really vividly is a beach with waves just roaring in.  It feels like it is east coast to me.  I do not think you live there, I think this is a vacation you are planning on going on.  - Say their name again because I am not getting anything else....I do not know I keep going back to this beach, this time I see a highway next to the beach. There are a lot of cars on the highway...Now I am seeing something about a sports team, it looks like softball.  Now I see like a sports bar, kinda BW3 looking, -Can you just read the whole thing to me, I am just not getting it,  I do not know if part of the block is I do not know how to say the name or how it sounds.  (AHK sah)   I am getting an image of a workplace with cubicles, so my impression is the workplace some or maybe all her main issues.  As I see this person at work, it looks like their co-workers is who she has a lot of problems with.  I sense that she tries to do a good job, but there is at least one person that kinda tries to make things miserable.  As far as the situation turning around, I see it being that way for a little while like a couple months and I think a couple of things are going to happen.  One, her boss is  going to recognizer her as doing a good job which will be a good self esteem booster.  Secondly, I think whoever this person is that is kinda causing problems, they are going find a new focus so she will no longer be the main focus.   And then just randomly, I saw a picture of tan colored high heeled shoes and I heard the word red velvet in my head.  Hopefully, that would mean something to you.  That is all I got, that one was hard, I had a hard time connecting, I do not know if it is the name or what.
8:35 PM.  Link to Audio

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