Saturday, July 21, 2012

Your Question: My family is in Olympia Washington, about 300 feet up. Do you see my kids surviving here, or do we need to go inland?

Please take this with and open mind, you should make your own conclusion from it.  When I think about the situation I feel very nervous, my hand and feet start sweating, I have a nervous anxiety.  I feel like when the waters rise, they will rise fast, but not so fast you cannot get out.  I feel that where you are specifically I feel that everybody that is displaced west of there, there will be hugh inflood of people and there will be fighting over resources.  If you have family further inland you should go there for more definite security, and the further east you go the more resources will be available as far as clean water, food, gas.  Your specific area may be safe as far as water, but you will have trouble getting fuel, electric.  I feel like when I envision you, i see grocery stores in complete panic and chaos.  Almost rioting, fighting over dumb stuff like salt.  I feel the resources in your area will get depleted really quick due to the displaced population.

This reading is based soley on your City and State.  In the future if you provide me your name and birthdate, I can do a more personal reading on you to see if I am picking up on your vibration.

This may or may not be you since I dont have a name, but a few minutes later I got this tightness in my chest as though you have trouble breathing, I envision a garage or building possibly behind your house, I see your house as yellow and white, basketball court, picnic table, picket or wooden fence around your yard or on one side of your yard where the garage would be.  This may be you, or someone close to you, but I feel like when you look out your back yard you see a wooden slat fence, maybe not picket.  Big time tightness in my chest.  I really feel that you are a guy and you have breathing issues.  Possibly the number 63 means something to you, or 6/3 as in June third.

Update: My husband found a Gordon Michael Scallion future map. Based on his map it looks like eventually Olympia will be covered by water.

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