Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What do the Indian Mounds mean in Newark Ohio?

Um, a the first thing that I saw a picture of the sun, and then you know how when you shoot a gun it will have like your sights on a whatever, it is like, some reason we are aimed at the sun..So I think it has something to do with the sun.
Q-Are they aligned with the sun?
A-I am just talking random thought right now.  When I thought "Indian Mounds in Newark OH", the first thing I saw was a  an image of the sun, and then I saw like the sight of a gun right in the middle of the sun, like a bulls eye on the sun.  Then I am gonna try to figure out how that ties into what the mound are.
Q-What is inside of the mounds, what is buried in them?  Anything?
A-I feel a little jaded in this because growing up in Newark, they always told us in school they were burial mounds and a.
Q-Well, yeah and they also told you the pyramids were tombs.
A-Yeah this is true, but I think sometimes it just so growing up in Newark..Um.......Hmm.....Just had a weird idea ok, in Newark their are two different mounds, one they call the serpent mound, and one is just a big circular mound, and I thought of suddenly and egg and a sperm, then I thought they were built for the gods of fertility.  Some kind of the way to worship the Gods of fertility or whatever,...that would be.
Q-Well alright, that would make sense.  So the sperm and fertility
A-Yeah, I don't think it is alien really or anything like that, I think the Indians actually did make that.
Q-Makes sense.
A-And like you buried your dead in it as a form of like reincarnating or whatever.
Q-So they actually buried people in it?
A-I think they did, that was weird because saw like, I thought a serpent mound, then a circular mound, then I thought egg and a sperm, then I thought fertility, and that would relate it back to the gods in the sky and the sun.
Q-So they were like worshiping the fertility gods.
Q-I wonder if the a..tribes at that time actually did worship the sun?  Seems like most the primitive tribes did just because you know you need the sun grow.  Now when the sun goes away shit dies.  That makes sense.

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