Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My son, who has been missing for 21 years now..... is he alive???? where is he living???? does he intend to ever make contact with us??? Andrea

July 24th 5:46 PM
Andrea-I feel like he is alive....I feel like he may somehow be affiliated with the military or may have some type of military in his family.  I can almost see him flying in a helicopter in some lush woodsy area with rolling hills filled with trees.  There is a river.....I am seeing like green, I am unsure if it is a name of the rivers, or a code name, it has something to do with the area they are at.  Like the name where there at, like green river or something.

I also got the name Esposito.   He seems kinda tall and dark.  He chews tobacco, the type that you spit.  I feel like most people would feel he is handsome, he feels like a good looking guy....

I see the symbol HLC215, I don't know if that means anything....I feel like he would want to maybe make contact with his family, but he feels nervous because after so much time he is unsure of your expectations.  He is reserved, and held back and insecure with that regard.  Around his friends he would seem macho but in respect to his own self and self image he is very insecure.  As long as he stays where he is at, he can be the macho guy, but if he initiates contact he would be exposed to his insecurities.

He definitely, definitively thingks about you.

(My husband transcribes my readings while I am doing them, below is question and answer session between us in regards to your son)

Q-Does he live in the United States?
A-My initial impression is South America, but I feel he is in the American Military, and I am unsure what role the American military would be doing in South America.
Q-What do you think his age is?
A-I am seeing his age at late 30s early 40s, he has a few gray springs in his hair and that is why I am dating him that age.
Q-Does he have any children?
A-I don't think he does, I think he has some type of commitment issues, he will have girlfriends but not a serious commitment.
Q-If you were to try to get his name, what would it be?
A-I keep seeing the words ESPOSITO.  Whether that is his real name or not, that's is what people call him...I then heard the phrase "Esposito Incognito".....Then I just hear the lyrics to the song "Bad to the Bone".........I see a Harley motorcycle....Thats pretty much it.

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