Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My family and I reside in Salina, Kansas. We are having a rough time of it right now, but are supportive and close, and are there for each other. Are we safe in the future, and will we deal with the coming changes in our world as well as we are now?

July 24th, Well when I think about them, I see a big vast farmland with a big red silo....I feel like.....I feel like their whole family as a whole might not have a very defined leader who is a take charge kind of person, I feel like they will be ok yes, but they need to adopt some more stronger dominate people into their inner circle. I feel like they are nervous of outside people and they want to rely only on their family, but they don't necessarily have the deep down confidence to do so.  So allowing people in that they trust willl just enchance their situation later.

As far as financially, possibly pick the family member who already has the best resources as far as house, land whatever.  Whoever withing your circle that you trust who has most resources and most easily accessible to support that person and kinda help boost them to be like greener, as green as you can.
I see them with Goats and rabbits.....I also see a greenhouse where they are and I think they need to put all their farming inside this greenhouse.   I don't really see them growing anything outside this greenhouse.

I also see them with a lot of leather cow hides, I don't know what they are doing with them, or how they acquired them.

I see them using them to make things they use for their own personal use and they are also selling some of these things they make with the leather....I also see on this piece of land what... I will describe it.
It looks like a windmill, it is as tall as the house, it is made out of wood, and it has a hand crank on it, and it weird, the way that it works, when they twist the hand crank, it has several buckets on it that go down in a hole, like a well, it gets water and comes back up.  You can take the buckets off.  I may draw a picture later.  I am staring to think the windmill at the top is a decorative thing, or may be attached to the hand crank.  It seem like kinda a cool system.  It is like a continual loop of filling water into buckets.

Yes, I think you are going to be fine, but I think if they pool their resources and incorporate other more dominate people into their group, I think they will increase their confidence as a whole and be more prepared for any changes to come.

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