Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20th, 2012 11:05 am Colorado Batman Shooting – She has no idea this occurred.

Q-In Colorado, There is a shooting in movie theater at a Batman premier, do you get anything from that?
A-yeah – First thing that comes to mind is Abraham Lincoln and John Wilcox booth due to the theater.  I think this guy knew he is like the setup guy, he knew he did it, he didn’t think he would get caught, when the guy did it, they guy was so fucking wet he was sweating bullets.  My hands are so fucking wet right now.  So immediately I think it is government related.
I don’t know if the guy that got shot was a science geek or militarish.  I think he got shot in the back of the head.
Q-do you think it was a hit on a particular person.
A-yes, I don’t think it will ever get traced back to the origin, he didn’t think he would get caught.
Q-Was there any collateral damage?  Or you see only one guy?
A-…..I feel like he got shot, in the back of the head, I feel like he only got one shot off, and the bullet went through him.  I think only one person died, but possibley there were injuries from that.  Maybe it came through out through his nose because I feel pain in my nose like eyeball socket.  I can feel heartbeat in my ears.
Q-To give you more information, There is over 10 people dead,
A-Really I didn’t feel like like.
Q-Going back to what you thought earlier, do you think that it was planned to kill a particular person, but the rest were to cover up the intial crime.
A-I don’t know, I feel like I am sucking.
Q-Don’t second guess, you may only be focusing on a single person.
Q-he arrived at the place in a car, what color do you feel the car is.
A-Green jacket, keep thinking he is affiliated with the army, it is army greenish.  I see pins on his lapel, if he is not in the military is related to some guy in the military,  I keep seeing jet black hair and sunglasses.  As far a car I would have to guess, but I am not getting a good impression, its shape it is dark, not a PT cruiser but has that shape of it.  It is not super strong coming through that is my intial if I had to go with my gut. (Note this is the victims car)
Q-Can you and I have never asked asked you this before, pickup the name of the shooter?
A-Oh, gosh…. Firths thing that came to mind and it is not super strong, Ka sound carlton or Carson.  Then the phrase, “Uncle Bob”
Q-What type of weapon / weapons were used
A-Totally ridiculous, but I am seeing, you know how in batman you have a top hat and a cane, I got an image of that but I don’t know what that has to do with that.  But if I got it, it may mean something.  As far as weapon it is longer than a shotgun, but it is not a shotgun.  I feel it is cane shaped.  I don’t know if people were wearing suits, or weird close there but I keep seing people wearing pinquine off of batman and hes got a tuxedo coat on, black and white and has a cane.
Q-Well maybe people dress up as characters for this premier.
A-Oh, I thought it was superman….
Q-No I  said Batman
A-Well that makes sense because I keep seeing penguin.  But that could be an usher
Q-If you focus on the guy that was doing the shooting what does his head, facial features hair, stuff like that?
A-Ok, believe it or not this has happened and I haven’t gotten this for a long time but a word was whispered in my ear.  Tall or Tao, Towel, I don’t know, what but sounds like that.  I don’t  know why you would wear sunglasses in a theater, but I picture dark glasses and a scraggly goatee. And it may or may not have been a real gotee.  I think possibly this guy may have been disguised to go in there.
Q-Was his intent to hurt people?
A-No his intent was to hurt this one specific guy.
Q-Can you focus on the target?
A-I don’t know if it is the name or physically resembles this person, or if because it resembles this person but I keep getting an image of Clark Kent wavy dark hair glasses the target looks like superman.
Q-Why was this target selected?
A-I don’t know if he knew something, or was in the military, but I feel like he was a whistle blower. And earlier when I imaged this guy I saw the army jacket with different type of pins.  I don’t know if is his or he knew someone.
Again when I focus on him I get this weird pain in my ear.
Q-Is the target dead?
A-yeah I think so.
Q-Why would he kill other people than just the target
A-He was going to make for damn sure he got the job done,  And totally unrelated, something to put in the back of your mind, my right nostril is burning, I don’t know if the shooter or the victim, but one of the two I am trying to tune into did a line of coke before this happened.  I don’t know it is is coke, but something you would put in your nose.  They were in an altered state when this happened.  Can you clue me in on some of it now.  I feel like I have answered a million questions.
Q-I dont know much, I turned off the news so you could not read into what I knew.  Here lets turn on CNN.
Q-What is the motivation of the killer
A-I think he was coached and motivated.  I dont know why, I do think the shooter had to get his game face on, did a line or something like that.

Followed Up - Possibly Uncle Bob's Storage Denver Colorado.

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Anonymous said...



Jame's holmes father was a witness in the LIBOR case.
He also worked for a company, which is military related, so you got the military/ science guy correct, as well as the whistle blower part.

Whats more astonishing is that Holmes appeared to be massively drugged before, during and after the event took place.
It appears he was on a drug called scopolamine, which can be administered through the nose, so AGAIN, BRAVO ON THE DETAILS OF THAT!!!

However, you got the number of victims wrong, as well as the fact that the accused (J. Holmes) is the one that did it. It appears he was in the car all along, stoned out of his mind, while the black ops executed the people inside and later framed him for it. But thats ok, we can get that from MSM :))

Can you please focus more on the person that you believe was the primary target in the shooting?
What was his role? Was he spotted by the guy that let the shooter into the building?