Friday, July 20, 2012

July 18, 2012 - Question "Focus on Retirement Funds"

Q-Are my retirement funds safe or should we liquidate them?
A-All I am getting is a picture of white clouds and super bright sun.  Wait a second, now I am getting and Ice cream Sundae...
Q-What does an ice cream sundae mean to you?
A-A happy treat that makes me feel good..., I will say I see it in a silver dish...You know what, I think what it was telling me was bright yellow sun Golden, then silver dish as in the sundae.  Maybe gold and silver is way to be.  Then I saw a red Microsoft clip art "up" arrow.

Q-Is there anything we should purchase in the near future?
A-I got a picture of a very strange motor powered by hand?... I may have to draw it.
Image ball cut in half horizontally and separated.  Three tubes coming into top of half of sphere with teeth on flat part of top sphere and teeth on flat part of bottom half of sphere.  Single tube connecting the two spheres and single tube on bottom sphere.  top sphear spins right bottom sphere spins left.  Bottom part has pizza stone?  Inside hallow with moving parts inside.

A-It feels like a hand made generator?...  Made out of stainless steel.  Whatever it is called you should buy one.
Q-Is it expensive?
A-No I think it is something you (Questioner) thought we needed.  You hand crank it like an old fashioned egg beater.  It is 1 ft tall.  Whole thing made out of stainless steel.  What is it, what do you do with it.
Q-Can you focus on me using it or its purpose?
A-I am getting all weirded out, this is strange.
Q-Don't read into it even if you feel weird just tell me what you see.
A-I feel like you are crunching up coffee beans to sell them.  I didn't smell them but I saw what looked like coffee beans.

Update: After Google search the only coffee grinder I have found that resembles the drawing is a Pharos  See below

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