Thursday, July 26, 2012

I want you to focus on the Next 6 months and tell me if you see any Major Financial Problems or Major news that will affect us, Is the dollar going to collapse? Run on banks, War with Iran based on Israel?

A-Well as soon as you said that, I focus on one idea it works for me, I was picturing American Banks, thinking like wall street and like the banks and out of nowhere I saw a PINK piggy bank.
Q-OK, Does that represent to save your money or put it the bank?
A-Well, for me that would mean, save your money but save it at home, in your piggy bank, like stick it in your mattress.
Q-Ok, not like a bank vault
A-Right, because it was a pink ceramic piggy bank like you would put on your dresser, that is what that would mean to me.
Q-What about like gold and silver?
A-Alright, let me focus on that then......Well..I think silver is definitively going to maintain it's value if not go up more, I a..I got a visual of people melting down like the bullion in a big cauldron and making coins out of it, so I almost think you are going to want like increments of it that you can buy shit with, it like it's gonna be of value but I see it more of value in a coin form and not the bullion.  I don't know why.....I have a feeling that um....Like for some reason..people are hiding that they have gold and silver from the government like not wanting people to know, because as I am watching this whole scenario of them like melting it down it's like they are doing it out in the middle of field hiding, like..almost like a having it is some dirty thing like, but it's of value, people want it.  Mostly want it in a coin form that you could spend, but for some reason they are hiding out, it is like how like during the prohibition people made moonshine and they hid out in shacks to do it, it is almost like you are kinda like hiding the fact that you own these assets.....
Q-Does any of that resonate with you
A-Yeah, I just would like to have a little more insight as to whether I should start pulling out of the stock market slowly or riding it, it is going up.  Should I spend more money on silver or put it in a Roth IRA.
A-It is so freaking hard because um I just not, when your talking like that I don't feel confident enough in what I am seeing to like
Q-Did you see a chart going up.
A-Actually did see a chart going up, but it had a red arrow on and a blue arrow on it, I do not know why there is two, but both the red and the blue are going up in a jig jag motion, but overall up.
A-......I do know if this mean anything, but I also got, you know how they at the beginning they clap their hands and they ring that bell, I a, kinda saw this image of the people that are standing there you know how they clap their hands, it was like they were smiling fakely, and you know how like on a cartoon, like their teeth will move like really fast and they were going ha ha ha ha, like it was almost like a fake laugh, like something is happening that they are lying to people, but then the truth going to come out eventually, but I did see the red and the blue line both going up, but I am wondering if it is artificial thing that's something is going come to a bubble again.  Have you read anything like that?
Q-Yeah, I have read that they are planning a default of Greece and they are supposed to do it this month on the 21st.
A-Can you just pull some money out and sit it in limbo, and ride that out a little, I would hate to lose, I am not saying get it out, but get it out of what would be losing the money.
Q-If Greece defaults then all the stocks are going to go plummeting, but all you hear on the news is how housing returning, unemployment is going down, things are great.
A-What is the red and the blue line, what are the two.
Q-Typically it just shows like, I don't know, I do not know what red and blue mean.
A-They were going like this, yeah, I got this thing, I mean like know trading and stuff happens but it was like wall street how when they ring the bell and then clap their hands and everybody smiling, I was like watching them and, but it was, like they were like chattering their teeth like those fake teeth that you twist up, it was like their teeth were doing that, almost like they were laughing, but in their mind they were like ah fuck, but they were doing this fake ha ha ha laughing and clapping, but in their mind they were like knowing that this shit was going to hit the fan, you know what I mean.  So I absolutely got that feeling.  But you how you can kinda pull it out and leave it sit there, like you can't cash it out, but you can pull it out of whatever it is, just ride it out.
A-I am actually ahead now. And that the thing
Q-You do not want to be reset back again. Well just one day of bad news, see they just did a new bailout for Greece and everyone is happy. Like just make everyone happy.
A-Who did the bailout for Greece
Q-Greece got another seven hundred and some Billions Dollars, and I think about billions of dollars, and there are all these naysayers saying look the governments are just printing the hell out of money, that bubble is going to pop next, and there is going to be run on banks and a couple of countries are going to go and default on their debt, and I am like man...So that's all you got.
Q-What is Sirius stock going to do
A-What the ticker
A-...It is strange, I got a picture of a red diamond...
Q-Red Diamond?
A-Yeah, what the fuck would that mean?
Q-Who is going to win the election
A-I think Obama is going to win again as crazy as that is.  I would love to see Ron Paul go in there and shake things up.  You gave me stuff to think about.  I may get more.

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