Sunday, July 22, 2012

I just saw my first Aura. This is the conversation that followed.

A-I think I just saw your aura, it looks like it is super white really thing, followed by a pale yellow,  It is like two layers.  The white layer touches you about an inch wide all around, the yellow one much thicker probably three inches.  
Q-Can you see it right now
A-Yes, but I have to keep my eyes not focused like I am looking at one of those magic eye books.
A-We were talking about it that it is easiest of you are up against the white wall,  the hardest part is to try not to focus on it once you get it, but when you try to get the details. If you focus on it then you lose it.
Q-Is it spikey or anything
A-No it's smooth,  The yellow one keeps moving, the white pretty static.  The outershell the yellow one is like a blob.  I thought they were talking shit in those books....It is almost like you are glowing.
Q-Tell me if you see any changes in it.
A-Right around the front of your face it got much bigger the yellow one, like your face and the back of your head.  That is so wild.  Now the white one is glowing glowing as white,  are you trying to do somehting to it.
Q-Nods yes,
A-The white one is starting to get fuzzy like it is fire,  I will say the yellow one is mimicking your hearbeat on the top of your head.  The yellow one seem thicker on this side of your body than the other.   Ah, it is making my eyes water.
Q-Can you see it if you get closer?
A-I dont think I can it make my eyes water.

Here is a link I looked up for what various Aura colors mean

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