Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A close family friend (Jeff) died last nite. He had MD and really was one of Jerry's kids that grew up to exceed 50+ in age. I could not be at the hospital with my husband and our friends family due to family obligations. Since I could not be with our friend, I tried to be there with him in spirit. I spoke to him and let him know that it was ok to cross over. I also asked him to help my husband and our family from time to time. I spoke of the good times and the bad that we experienced as friends over the years, and asked him to take care of my grieving husband until he returned safely back home to his family. I focused on our friend and the hospital that he was at and some strange things happened. I felt a tightening in my chest that felt like fear. I told our friend that he needed to let go of the fear and slowly felt the heaviness of the fear in my chest leave..slowly...slowly....I thanked him for the time that we had together and reminded him that he would now know of the mysteries that we had spoken about in the past and that he was starting on a wonderful journey. Additionally, I assured him that his Mother would be there to meet him from the veil, and most importantly, that he would be able to walk again with no more pain to endure. As soon as the heaviness left my chest, I suddently heard police sirens, as if a big accident had occurred, and my cell phone lit up. I answered and heard my crying husband tell me that his best friend since childhood had just passed. I told him that I already knew and that our friend was no longer in pain, but my husband was just heartbroken. Earlier that evening, I had joked with our friend, in our private spirit talk, as to whether singing "Happy Trails" would be morbidly ironic. After the call, as I sat by myself in my back yard, slowly humming the song. I looked up at the night sky and saw a strange looking shooting star, which I felt was his life force, as well as a sign that he heard me and that I assisted him in this transition from the physical existence back to spirit. Do you feel that I did help him to cross over, and will this experience help my husband (Tim) to be more spiritually awakened? Thanks, Deb, Oct. 15th, 1965, Kansas

I think that she absolutely did.  Um..Let me think how I want to say this...I mean that I think that when she told him that it was OK, even though she was not their, that in the spiritual world their is a certain oneness and they are connected.  I feel like your spiritual body tries to hold onto their physical body for the ones that are here, so the thing that you did for your friend is a wonderful thing.  And I also think that since her husband and her were friends with this person and they (her and her husband) are already on a spiritual journey, I feel like if they keep their minds open and meditate that they will see signs from him.  When I focus on the question "Jeff to give me something for Tim"  I see a really green golf course....I see super white golfing shoes with little cleats on them, I don't know if that has any significance or not.  I am also seeing a red flag, it feels like a sport pennant.  It is read but I cannot tell what is on it.  I think possibly they used to play pranks on each other and had something to do with a pair of glasses.  I fell like um... How it is coming to me is he is saying focus on the fun times and you are going to be OK.  Like he is always going to be with him, just to look for it.  I almost see him floating like a genie in their living room.  That is kinda all I got.

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